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Managing the Planning, Design and Construction of California Public Schools


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ACCM Project Delivery Handbook

The ACCM Project Delivery Handbook has been updated for 2022!

Please click here to download the 2022 ACCM Project Delivery Handbook

This Handbook was produced by the Association of California Construction Managers for use by California school district and community college district staff and board members. The ACCM Handbook gives a practical outline of services provided by construction managers and a useful description of the various delivery methods of educational facilities available to districts.

While construction management services are utilized in a variety of construction sectors, they are increasingly sought out by school and college administrators as a way to ensure that trusted professionals are available to support staff resources. Members of ACCM are leaders in the field of managing educational facility construction. This ACCM Handbook explains construction management services and goes on to outline a range of project delivery alternatives and procurement methods.

The ACCM Project Delivery Handbook has been updated for 2022 with legislative changes since 2019 for community college design-build and extension of the K-12 lease-leaseback provisions adopted in 2017. In addition, the resource pages and references have been updated to address numerous changes in websites used by state agencies.