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Latest News

November 2016 - Bond Election Results

11/10/16 - Please click here to view the local school district bond and parcel tax results from the November 8, 2016 election (provided by the Coalition for Adequate School Housing). Please note, these results are preliminary and have been collected directly from each county's website.


June 2016 - Bond Election Results

6/8/16 - Please click here to view the local school district bond and parcel tax results from the June 7, 2016 election. Please note, these results are preliminary and have been collected directly from each county's website.



News Archive

ACCM Update: April Personal Income Tax Revenues


5/1/14 - The Controller has released the final (99.9%) April Personal Income Tax (PIT) numbers. The State started April about $1 billion better than the budget estimate and ended the month about $1.3 billion better. This should translate into a positive May Revision of about $3 billion (and maybe more) over the budget estimates for the combined current (2013-14) and budget (2014-15) year revenue. While this should help grease the wheels for addressing numerous funding requests, more than 60% and possibly higher will be owed to schools through Proposition 98, meaning it will not be available for restoring many of the prior cuts to social services.  The Governor also will be looking at repaying more of the "Wall of Debt" and building his proposed reserve.


The new money will be very welcome, but it does not appear to be as much as many advocates for greater spending had hoped would occur. Therein will lie the rub between the Governor and the Legislature when the final State Budget decisions are made.   

April 2013 Insider Newsletter


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October 2012 Insider Newsletter

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June 2012 Insider Newsletter

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March 2012 Insider Newsletter

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August 26, 2011: Legislation Update

Senate Bill 600, the ACCM opposed legislation that would have required all state funded school facility projects to use pre-qualification procedures, was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. This means it is a 2-year bill but probably will not move in its current mandate form unless the mandate is removed. Holding this bill was a very high ACCM priority.

Unfortunately, another ACCM priority to hold Senate Bill 293 was not successful. That bill, which would reduce to 5% the maximum allowed retention on public works projects, passed the Committee and is expected to be sent to Governor Brown for his action. ACCM will be lobbying the Governor to veto SB 293 unless public projects are given greater flexibility.


DIR: SBX2-9 Regulations Update

The Acting Director of Industrial Relations is requesting a second extension of the emergency action taken last fall to suspend operation of last year’s regulations pertaining to SBX2-9 and the Compliance Monitoring Unit (“CMU”).  The Department was required to take this action due to questions raised about the legality of the fees required for bond-funded projects.  The CMU regulations must remain in suspense, but the Department has commenced a regular rulemaking to revise regulations to restart the CMU early next year.


The first extension of the emergency action is set to expire on August 2, 2011, and the Acting Director is requesting a second 90-day extension.  The basis for this request is explained more fully in the Notice of Proposed Extension of Emergency Action. Please note that we intend to file the attached Notice with the Office of Administrative Law on July 22, 2011, and that you will then have five days within which to submit written comments directly to the Office of Administrative Law.  Please click here to view the attached Notice for additional information about where to send your comments.  The OAL website ( will have information on the status of this request and any decision to approve or disapprove an extension of the emergency action, and we will be posting a copy of the attached Notice on DIR’s website.

If you have specific questions or need additional information about this action, you may contact us through our SBX2-9 Comments mailbox at

Legislative Update - June 6, 2011

June 3 was the last day for bills to pass their house of origin (Assembly bills to pass the Assembly and Senate bills to pass the Senate) if they are going to continue this year.

Click here to view an updated list of the status of significant legislation.


Legislative Update

ACCM thanks Board Member Ed Mierau of Neff Construction who presented ACCM’s opposition testimony to SB 600.  That bill will require any state School Facility Program funded project to use prequalification with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) prequalification document.  Ed’s testimony clearly showed the burden this would place on our school district clients as well as to firms working on school projects. He supplemented the C.A.S.H. opposition testimony on this bill.  Unfortunately, the bill passed Committee and will next be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The Committee Chair, however, strongly indicated to the author, ACCM and the bill’s sponsors, that it would be appropriate to work out an agreement on the bill that would move toward eliminating the prequalification mandate from the bill. ACCM’s testimony was instrumental in leading the Committee Chair in this direction.

ACCM is continuing to work with the SAB Priorities and Funding subcommittee and the Expert Working Group to streamline the School Facilities Program and move toward faster state funding for school projects.

We expect that recommendations will go to the SAB for the June or July SAB meeting.

Click here for a listing of the status of significant legislation.


Elections and Polls Have Political Consequences


On March 17, 2011, the majority party completed most of the budget actions using the majority vote authorization provided in Proposition 25 that was passed last year.  Remaining are redevelopment and placing the tax extensions on a June Special Election ballot.  Already passed are realignment, the education trailer bill with the additional funding deferral, health and safety cuts, as well as the child care and other budget provisions as proposed in January by Governor Brown. 

The Legislature will not be meeting this weekend as the Republicans hold their state conference in Sacramento.  Given the tone of yesterday’s Senate Floor debate it is unlikely that the sharp partisan divide would have mitigated for productive action this weekend.  Three days off might not change the partisan split, but it might change the willingness to consider working together.

The Field Poll released this week indicated that 60% of the voters are willing to support Governor Brown’s plan.  The effort to find Republicans to support Governor Brown’s plan was predicated on the belief that the voters would not support the plan unless it appeared to be bipartisan.  The poll results appear to indicate there is less need for a bipartisan agreement and, therefore, less need for the Democrats to work with Republicans to find sufficient votes to pass proposals by a 2/3 vote on the Senate and Assembly Floor.  Consequently, most of the budget and budget trailer bills passed with majority votes, but not 2/3 votes. 

The redevelopment and tax extension issues, however, might need 2/3 votes because they do not have the clear budget trailer bill nexus which would allow a majority vote without subsequent court challenge. The negotiations are not over.  I believe the pension, environmental and regulatory issues are still on the table as a means of encouraging Republicans to provide votes for the redevelopment and tax extension proposals.  The Field Poll, however, indicates that the policy changes the Republicans can demand is significantly less than they may have hoped to achieve at the start of the week.

I believe the drop dead date for a June 7 election is March 25.  The negotiations could continue beyond this date if the election is delayed to later in June.  Click here to view the Education Trailer Bill and click here to view the Senate analysis of the education finance trailer bill.



Click here to view the minutes of the March 17, 2011 General Membership Conference Call.

Click here to view the minutes of the February 23, 2011 General Membership Meeting.

Click here to view the minutes of the January 20, 2011 General Membership Conference Call.


DGS Expert Workgroup Report and Forum

Dick Cowan has been involved with the DGS Expert Workgroup to identify and begin improvements on DSA/OPSC/CDE processes and issues. Click here to view the report of the group and click here to view a flyer for a forum in Sacramento October 27th on the steps they are taking to start these improvements.


ACCM Back To Selling Bonds

ACCM has been successfully collaborating with industry representatives to encourage the sale of construction bonds to create jobs. Below is the activity we have been initiating:

ACCM 2010 Legislative Letters

  • Senate Bill 258 (Oropeza)
    • ACCM has taken an OPPOSE position on this bill. This bill was recently amended to mandate that all school districts with school projects valued at $1 million or more pre-qualify bidders prior to bidding on contracts.  This bill would impose an enormous administrative burden on school districts across the state. SB 258 targets the education community and makes no similar mandate on other local governments.  

SB 258 is currently in Suspense. ACCM encourages you to send a letter on your firm's letterhead in opposition of this bill. You can view the ACCM letter for your use here. Please send letters to the  Governor, Bill Author and your local Legislators. 

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
California State Governor
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA  95814
Fax: (916) 445-4633
Senator Jeannie Oropeza
California State Senate
State Capitol, Room 5114
Sacramento, CA  95814
Fax: (916) 323-6056


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ACCM 2010 Letters to State Agencies


Bond Accountability Website

As part of the Governor’s Strategic Growth Plan, he has launched the Bond Accountability website, which includes school construction projects funded by the state.  Click on the link below to view the website.  If you click on the K-12 Education, there are further links to project specific data, including audit information, on the left side of the screen.

2009 ACCM RFQ/RFP Now Online

The 2009 ACCM Model RFQ/RFP is now online! The improved RFQ/RFP is the result of work by our members interested in fine tuning one of our first public projects.  We have incorporated language concerning differing CM Delivery Methods and condensed portions to make the ACCM RFQ/RFP more user-friendly for school districts.  

I want to specifically thank the following ACCM Members who spent time on the revisions:

  • Paul Bonnacorsi (WLC Construction
  • Dayne Brassard (Tilden-Coil Construction)
  • Sarah Creighton (McCarthy Construction)
  • Dana LeSher (Harris & Associates)
  • Ed Mierau (Neff Construction)
  • Terry Street (Robbelen Construction)       

Please help us in getting the word out to districts that the ACCM Model RFQ/RFP is available on line.  

Kris Meyer

President ACCM

Instructions to use Template

RFQ/RFP Template

Pre-Approved Facility Products and Systems


Among the tools that Districts may use to speed up projects is the ability to use products and systems that have been pre-approved by DSA and have a very short, “over the counter” DSA approval process. These products, such as certain modular buildings, have gone through the Pre-Check process described by DSA Procedure 07-01.  

With the help of John Vester of the DSA staff, ACCM has researched the project list at DSA to compile a list of those products having a pre-check (“PC”).  The members of ACCM hope that this list may help with a facility project.     


Product Type

Company Name

Contact Name




Phone #

Fax #

E-mail Address

Ball Walls

Capstone Industries

Jaysen Van

2580 Fortune Way







Modular Elevator, MFG., Inc

Tom Shield

11800 Sheldon St., Unit A1

Sun Valley


(818) 509-8228

(818) 509-8596

Lunch Shelters

National Carports, Inc.

Greg Jones

27072 Pueblo Nuevo

Mission Viejo


(949) 830-8840

(949) 830-4062


Lunch Shelters

Valley Carports

Ted Salyer

23829 Road 68



(559) 686-6867



Modular Buildings

Designed Mobile Systems


PO Box 367



(209) 892-6298



Modular Buildings

Enviroplex, Inc.


4777 E. Carpenter Road






Modular Buildings

Firebond Corporation

Rick Watson

1300 Davenport

Minden, LA


(318) 377-1030

(318) 377-5756

Modular Buildings

MBS Corporation

Robert Cornin

6840 Orangethorpe Ave., Unit C

Buena Park





Modular Buildings

Modtech Holdings, Inc.

Fred Hallock

2830 Barrett Ave.



(951) 943-4014

(951) 443-3642

Modular Buildings

Modular Technology

Joe Lundeen

22425 North 16th Street

Phoenix, AZ


(602) 272-2000

Modular Buildings


Stephen Kleinhans

156 Center Street



(530) 885-2465



Modular Buildings

TMP Services


425 S. Rancho Ave.



(909) 777-3140

(909) 777-3149

Modular Buildings

Walden Structures Construction

Ken Agharokh

3100 Jefferson Street






Relocatable Buildings

AFS Industries

Jim Collins

520 Marina Pkwy

Chula Vista





Relocatable Buildings

American Modular System

Robert Scott

333 E. Carnegie Ct.



Relocatable Buildings

Gary Doupnik Manufacturing, Inc.

J.T. Doupnik

PO Box 527



(916) 652-9291

(916) 652-9021

Relocatable Buildings

Meehleis Modular Buildings, Inc.

Bill Meehleis

1303 East Lodi Ave.



(209) 334-4637

(209) 334-4726

Relocatable Buildings

Saramark Incorporated

Nolie De Los Santos

1250 Aviation Ave., #200-F

San Jose


(408) 998-8091



Relocatable Buildings

Turnkey Schools of America

Jessica Needham

28765 Single Oak Dr., Suite 250



(951) 693-2049




Global Modular

Gerard Lehman

1200 Airport Drive



(559) 665-5800

(559) 665-5700


Sprung Instant Structures

James Heimler

19510 Ventura Blvd., Suite 210



(818) 343-5393



Shade Structures

Shade Structures

John Saunders

18001 Sky Park Circle, Suite F



(949) 250-9551



Shade Structures

Sun Ports International, Inc.

Gavin Subel

8505 Chancellor Row, Suite A

Dallas, TX


(214) 905-9500



Shade Structures

Carport Sales Company

Terry Shoen

5101 Adelina Way



(916) 489-1131



Sign Foundations

National Sign & Marketing Corp

Patrick Faranal

4881 Murrieta Street



(909) 591-4742

(909) 591-5356


Solar Panels

SPG Solar

David Brown

863 East Francisco Blvd., Ste A

San Rafeal